NFT Art for the heart

CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x84d509b84259070703Ba05A85CE54Ad52db17cDE

Please go to Opensea or Rarible and buy off the secondary.
  • Unique Art to be used as profile picture in DISCORD, Twitter, etc.
  • Permanent whitelist for all upcoming projects (early mint at reduced price)
  • After Mint-Out: 100% of royalties will be distributed to holders based on the amount of shares you hold
  • Special access to raffles and giveaways in discord
  • Access to HOLDERS Lounge in Discord
  • Early access to sneak-peeks, upcoming events and whitelist drops (e.g. GEN2 mutations)
What is GEN2 ?
Gen2 is a mutation of the AI Mutant PFPs which somehow happend during their party in the DISCO. It was da DIFFUSION and somehow they tumbled down the AI hole and became better selfs as they were before :D Check out the gallery at opensea to see for yourself
Minted GEN2 Mutant PFPs
What is this project all about?
NFT Art for the heart, the eye and the soul

"The most unique and inspiring NFT PFP in history."

There are thousands of AI-generated images on Twitter and in the NFT space, but there is no other project like this, which uses AI to generate a PFP based on unique and randomly generated base images.

"Mutation is all around us, starting from within our cells through our self-expression, to our surroundings and beyond."

These mutants have gone a long way from being born as sketches, randomized into unique generated base images and heavily beaten by the AI in different art styles to generate each PFP. Thousands and thousands of the mutants have been generated, curated and deleted. Just a handful have survived.


Strong survivors of mutations, artistic fighters for art and sensual expressions of our inner souls. We are here to show you what we are.

You can view the roadmap and the respective steps here: Roadmap
How was this NFT collection built?
Each AI Mutant PFP is based on a generated image, then transformed via AI into different unique art styles (more than 150 traits).
Each art style has been iterated up to 200 times. For more details check out the MEDIUM PAGE I wrote about this project.
Why was this project built?
I started with NFTs back in the days in order to show my child how blockchains work and my AI work started being recognized. From there on I decided that every ETH earned will be used for the start in adulthood. What could be better than this for the future?
If you encounter that after an reveal, your NFT does not update. Please Refresh the metadata on opensea and rarible (in the top right corner)
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